The guide of Genesis just mentions Cain, Abel and Seth as kids of Adam and Eve.

The guide of Genesis just mentions Cain, Abel and Seth as kids of Adam and Eve.

Wait a 2nd. Just How did Cain locate a spouse currently? Where did this woman originate from?

One important things to bear in mind is the fact that within the guide of Genesis, humans lived considerably longer than they are doing now. Based on the Bible, “thus all of the times that Adam lived had been nine hundred and thirty years; in which he passed away” (Genesis 5:5).

Additionally, the verse prior mentions that “he had other sons and daughters” (Genesis 5:4). Based on the logic for the guide of Genesis, so that you can “be fruitful and multiply,” Adam and Eve had to conceive many kiddies. Otherwise the race that is human just disappear. Relating to some Jewish traditions, “Adam had 33 sons and 23 daughters.”

The Bible doesn’t inform us whenever Cain found a spouse and so it’s unknown whether he married a sis, or niece if not a grand-niece. None of these details can be based in the text. But exactly what follows through the narrative associated with the guide is the fact that if Adam and Eve had been the initial moms and dads of all of the mankind, then Cain should have hitched a family member. No matter which generation Cain discovered a spouse, someone at some true point had to marry his very own sis.

Numerous biblical scholars concur that, genetically, Adam and Eve had been without problem (besides original sin), so the intermarriage of successive generations wouldn’t normally have produced genetically defective kids. It had been element of God’s plan that is initial purchase to populate our planet. Continue Reading